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    Are you feeling like your breasts are too heavy or too big? Are you always trying to hide them with minimizing bras and clothing? Breast Reduction can get rid of that “too big” complex and give you the young, “proportional to your body” breasts you always wanted. Using the anchor incisions to remove breast tissue, skin and fat will produce breasts that’s are lifted and proportioned to your body. Smaller, tighter, lifted breasts and with areolas that point forward instead of down. Now, that is what you have been waiting for, right? Back pain is often aggravated or caused by large breast too. This operation can help. 

    Ideal Candidates 

    Every patient is unique and requires individual evaluation by Dr. DiGeronimo. This is a highly individualized procedure, a breast reduction may be the right choice, if you: 

    • Are physically and psychologically healthy 
    • Have realistic expectations of the procedure 
    • Have breasts that are fully developed 
    • Are unhappy with having overly large breasts 
    • Have physical or emotional discomfort resulting from overly large breasts 
    • Have breasts that are asymmetrical 

    Location Of The Incision 

    Depending on the extent of the reduction needed, there are different options for incision placement: 

    • Periareolar Incision 
      • a circular pattern around the areola
    • Keyhole Incision 
      • around the areola with two incisions vertically down to the breast crease 
    • Anchor Incision
      • around the areola, vertically down to the breast crease, and horizontally across the inframammary fold 

    The Procedure

    Breast reduction is performed under general anesthesia. After the incision is made, the breast tissue is lifted, reshaped, and held in place with sutures. Excess tissue and skin are removed, and the incisions are brought together to produce a smaller breast. Liposuction may also be used in conjunction with this procedure to remove tissue from the sides of the breasts. In some cases, liposuction may be used as the sole method for scarless breast reduction if excess skin does not need to be removed.

    A breast reduction may involve nipple and areola repositioning to a higher location if skin above the nipple is reduced. In cases of extremely large breasts, the nipple and areola may need to be transferred as a skin graft to the new position. In addition, if a nipple reduction is also desired, excess skin at the perimeter of the areola may be excised.

    Potential Complications

    As with all surgical procedures, there runs a risk of complications durning and after a procedure. The risk for breast surgery include, but are not limited to, infections,changes in nipple or breast sensation, bleeding, poor wound healing, breast asymmetry, problems with breastfeeding, and fat necrosis.


    As with any surgery, depending on the patient; the breast reduction recovery time could vary and is a gradual process. The typical patient with encounter some pain and discomfort for two to three days following surgery. Althought there will be prescribed pain medication to releave the pain if necessary. Denpending on what the patients occupation may be, they may be able to return to work in about a weeks time after surgery. Also, regarding excersize patients may be able to resume their workout routines within one to two weeks, but it must include non-impact lower body excersizes. Following that, in about four to six weeks patients can fully return to their normal excersize routine.  


    The breast reduction procedure will result in smaller, more youthful looking breasts that will be instantly visiable after the swelling and bruising subsides. At first scarring may appear prodomently noticeable but they will fade with time if tended to properly. After patients go through with this procedure their confedence tends to escalate due to feeling more comfortable with their breast knowing that their breast are a bit more lifted and more in proportion to the rest of their body. For this procedure results will be long-lasting and will be relieved from physical pains or limitations caused by their previous breast size. 

Breast Reduction | Aventura